Music at Woodhouse 

15 anniversary year

"As a mezzo that primarily sings a lot of Handelian trouser roles, when I saw that Woodhouse were staging Armide, Lully’s masterpiece – applying didn’t take any persuasion.  As a native French speaker and as someone who loves singing French Baroque music, the opportunity to study, learn, and perform the role of Armide was an experience I will cherish. Woodhouse provided a fantastic, nurturing environment surrounded by supportive, likeminded musicians who were willing to get stuck in! I would recommend these courses to singers of any level, and look forward to seeing what is in store for 2017."

Thalie Knights (UK) - Tittle role for Armide 2016

"Really intense week, but guarantees you a Baroque high and hangover for days afterwards. What coach Stephanie Gurga does not know about Baroque music is not worth knowing. And director Marcio has a real talent for the kind of sensual, ornamental staging needed for such productions; when he turns it "on", it's electric. Last but not least, there's Monika's cooking, served up daily in the dining room of her beautiful old house (instagram-agic!); should you have the luck to take part in a future production, bring elastic waist pants."

Jessica Ng (Hong Kong) - Sagesse/Lucinde/Artemidore/La Nymphe for Armide 2016