Music at Woodhouse 

15 anniversary year

After the huge success at Woodhouse and in Brazil our Baroque Opera Academy featuring Monteverdi's L'Incoronazione di Poppea will be taken to London.

The academy will happen from July 22nd to 30th at the Mcintosh Theatre in London with performances onJuly 29th and 30th.

Each participant will perform at least one performance of an entire role in a fully staged production of the opera in original language with the accompaniment of a professional baroque ensemble. The course will be ministered by Woodhouse Opera music director Marcio da Silva and baroque specialist harpsichordist Stephanie Gurga. The production will be an adaptation of the one which premiered at Woodhouse in 2015 signed by Marcio da Silva. Singers will be coached on style, technique, pronunciation, acting and movement.

We will be using the Novello edition and will be performing at A=440Hz.

Please visit the link for reviews from our previous productions.

Course price: £550

Applications are now open for all roles. Roles will be given based on audition, recordings and/or experience. If interested please send your cv, a picture and a recording to [email protected]
"To me, Woodhouse BaroqueOpera Academy might deserve its own category in the realm of Young Artist Program.
The working style of the course's instructors creates an experience that is at once incredibly intense in instructional detail, yet relaxed and collaborative in atmosphere. The complete (and utterly picturesque) seclusion of the location, combined with the communal-style living with your castmates, stimulates both deep artistic development within your own practice, and allows the whole ensemble to build a level of emotional connection and cohesion in the final product that I don't think would be otherwise possible within a week.
As a student, I wouldn't come looking for manicured schedules and a defined list of topics to be structurally addressed. The course, and through it, the opera, assembles organically. There are limitless opportunities to learn from the instructors' expertise, (as well as from your colleagues' work), and to explore your own abilities, if you come with an open mind, and look for chances to probe.
Above all, doing Armide at Woodhouse was a uniquely fun week of living not just in the music, but in the people I was surrounded by. Plus it's in a beautiful historic cottage. I don't think there's anything else quite like it."

Fiona Gillespie (USA) - Tittle role in Armide - 02/2016
"This is my second time at Woodhouse as I appeared in a summer opera a couple of years ago. Woodhouse is a sociable and hard working environment in which to produce a fully staged opera in a week of rehearsals and tweaking. As I'm extremely interested in the French Baroque style, this course helped to solidify many vital components of which I need to sing in French convincingly. Even then, the french baroque style is a completely different kettle of fish. It has specific rules and stylistic qualities that other music doesn't possess. 
This course enabled my debut as a haute contre tenor in a french baroque opera, I loved every minute of the process and would highly recommend it to like minded people. The level of tutoring in a barn in the middle of nowhere was astonishing, both coaches are superb musicians and accomplished a huge feat of putting on an opera in 5 days. The response from the public was hugely positive and the review from the last night couldn't have been more positive."

Kieran White (UK) - Renaud in Armide - 02/2016


Poppea - Soprano

Nerone - Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano

Ottone - Counter-tenor/Baritone

Drusilla - Soprano

Ottavia - Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano

Seneca - Bass

Littore - Bass

Arnalta - Counter-tenor/Tenor/Mezzo-Soprano

Nutrice - Counter-tenor/Tenor/Mezzo-Soprano

La Fortuna - Soprano

La Virtu - Soprano/Mezzo-Soprano

Amore - Soprano

Valletto - Soprano

Lucano - Tenor

Liberto - Tenor

Soldiers - Tenor