Music at Woodhouse 

15 anniversary year

2017 will have a number of opera academies in partnership with Ensemble OrQuesta. This is the development of the programme which started at Woodhouse in 2014. Since then there have been 7 very successful editions of the academy which has gone as far as Brazil. Singers from all over the world have had the chance of performing full roles in a fully staged production with orchestral accompaniment and the guidance of international specialists. This year will mark our first production in London which will be the revival of Marcio da Silva's production of L'Incoronazione di Poppea which premiered at Woodhouse and was then taken to Brazil. This will happen at the Macintosh Theatre in Fulham in July. It also marks the return of Rameau to Woodhouse since our production of Les Indes Galantes in 2014.

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