Music at Woodhouse 

15 anniversary year

Saturday, May 20th, 4pm (with picnic break)
Woodhouse Copse

Fully staged production with an English adaptation by David Crook.

The MandrakeHitler, Napoleon and Cromwell all kept Machiavelli constantly by their sides, and in the author’s celebrated play it’s easy to see why: here self-interest rules, and scruples are a luxury.  We may feel, after all we have seen, we have lost the power to be shocked, but The Mandrake puts that feeling to the test!Yet this is all delivered with a light touch and in amusing, often comic interludes, skilfully rendered in a lively contemporary idiom in David Crook’s new free adaptation.Each Act is followed by spots of upbeat and sparkling Renaissance music performed by the trio The King Awaits.

Tickets £23/£15 students