Music at Woodhouse 

15 anniversary year

Woodhouse Chorus/Vocal Masterclass

For the first time Woodhouse Opera is giving the opportunity for 12 amateur singers to take part in our 2016 production of La Boheme by Giacomo Puccini.

The preparation will be aligned with a vocal technique course ministered by Woodhouse's music director Marcio da Silva.

This will happen on Sunday late evenings from 17-19:30h at Woodhouse Copse in Holbury St Mary. The price for participation will be of £80 for a package of 8 Sundays which will happen on the following dates: 12/06, 19/06, 26/06, 03/07, 10/07 (5-7:30pm); 26 and 27 August (7-9pm)

Production will happen on 03/09 and 04/09 for stage rehearsals, 07/09 and 08/09 for orchestral rehearsals as well as 10/09 and 11/09 for the performances
The maximum number of participants is 12.
If interested please write to or call 07428297480. We are flexible with attendance as long as it is previously discussed.